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Assistant Director Tom Shade has volunteered to manage all our “Associate Membership” programs. 

Tom may be contacted at 610-373-2860 or through the Ringgold Band website:

*All contributions to the Ringgold Band, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, are used to defray annual operating costs of the Ringgold Band and/or to commission new concert band music from outstanding composers.  Gifts are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Here are the ways you can help financially support the band:

Ringgold Band’s New “Associate Member” Programs

Legendary Bandmaster’s Clubs

Monroe Althouse Society

Ringgold Band Legacy Society

 For donors wishing to receive direct benefits for their contributions (rather than take full tax credits), the Board established the “Ringgold Band Legendary Bandmaster’s Clubs”.

The Ringgold Band Legendary Bandmaster’s Club

Arthur Pryor  Club

(Charged to credit/debit card or auto-pay)

$10 monthly

2 “Reserved  Section” Spring Concert tickets

Patrick Conway Club

$50 – $125

2 Spring Concert tickets

Karl King Club

$126 – $250

2 Spring Concert tickets plus 2nd Dinner Concert with purchase of one

Henry Fillmore Club

$251 – $499

4 Spring Concert tickets, 2 Dinner Concert Tickets, Free CD or DVD

John Philip Sousa Club

$500- $1000

4 Spring and Dinner Concert tickets, Free CD and DVD

Donation Payments accepted by credit/debit card, Pay Pal, cash or check

for persons wishing to contribute more to support and sustain the Band while taking full advantage of the tax codes.

The Monroe Althouse Society- Recurring Monthly Donation

Monroe Althouse Society members wish to do more to support the Band to sustains our music education and performance programs, helping to keep the Band in operation.  They may donate any comfortable amount monthly (typically $20 or above) through an automatic charge to their credit or debit cards. As monthly donors, members may use this program as a convenient, manageable way to fulfill their yearly charitable giving goals instead of making lump sum donations at the end of the year*.


Monroe Althouse Society members wishing to leave an even more substantial contribution to sustain the Band may purchase a life insurance policy naming the Ringgold Band, Inc. as beneficiary and owner of the policy.  Members may also opt to transfer beneficiary and ownership of an existing life insurance policy to the Band.

The life insurance policy may be in any amount that is comfortable and affordable for Society members.  Members continue to make regular monthly, semi-annual, or annual life insurance premium payments during their lifetime. Upon the member’s death, the Band receives the full value of the policy.

This program enables Society members potentially to contribute substantial amounts to the Band, while investing only the amount necessary to keep the policy in force and taking full advantage of the tax code.

During the member’s lifetime, they may claim their donated premium payments as charitable deductions on their income tax returns*.  This program is especially appealing to senior citizens who would like to leave a substantial legacy of concert band music to future generations.

Rewards for Monroe Althouse Society Members may appropriately match or exceed comparable Legendary Bandmaster’s Club rewards, if so desired by the member, depending on the member’s individual tax implications.*

Finally, the Board decided to publicize other charitable giving options available to Band supporters by establishing the Ringgold Band “Legacy Society”.

Legacy Society members desire to leave a substantial legacy to the Ringgold Band and the preservation of concert band music in America.

The Ringgold Band Legacy Society

Charitable Bequest:

Make an arrangement in your will or living trust to leave a planned gift (a percentage or fixed amount) to the Ringgold Band.  Existing wills can be modified using a codicil.

Beneficiary Designations:

Name the Ringgold Band as a beneficiary (whole or partial) of your life insurance, IRA, pension plan, a bank account, or deferred annuity.

Gifts of Cash-Value (paid up) Life Insurance:

No-longer-needed paid up cash-value life insurance policies make a great tax-deductable gift to the Ringgold Band.

IRA Charitable Rollovers:

When mandatory withdrawals are required from your IRA or 401K; set up an automatic donation of a portion of the required withdrawal directly to the Ringgold Band.  Exclude that amount from your gross income.

Gifts of Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds:

Avoid capital gains tax on appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares by making them a charitable donation to the Ringgold Band and realize an income tax credit instead.




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