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Item/Title Price
 2013 162nd Spring Anniversary  Concert  -DVD   4/13/14Dave Stahl Soloist  $15.00

2013 162nd Spring Anniversary  Concert  –CD  4/13/14
Dave Stahl Soloist
2013 Fall Dinner Concert  -DVD  Music of the Andrew Sisters, featuring Meghan DeWald, Katelyn Aungst, Alex Booth  $15.00

161st Anniversary Spring Concert DVD   4/28/13 Dave Kline, folk musician



160th Anniversary Spring Concert CD April 15, 2012 CD.  The Mastersingers of Berks Classical Children’s Chorus $15.00

159th Anniversary Spring Concert CD      April 17, 2011 CD.  Martin Family Band,

158th Anniversary Spring Concert CD      4/18/2010 CD.  Carol Jantsch, Tuba
157th Anniversary Spring Concert CD      April 19, 2009 CD.Timothy Foley, Lucas Spiros and Earle Louder  $15.00

150th Anniversary Concert CD (4/02)2 CD’s      J. Carlton Rowe, Cornet Soloist $15.00

153rd Anniversary Spring Concert CD (4/05) Christopher Weait & Melissa Work, soloists $15.00

154th Anniversary Spring Concert CD     2 CD’s Mr. James Seidel, conductor
Ken Laudermilch, trumpet soloist       
Mr. Loras Schissel, guest conductor
Disc One-Mr. Loras Schissel conductor
Fraternity March ( Monroe Althouse),Brook Green Suite (Gustav Holst/ James Curnow),Trombones Triumphant (Don Keller), Music in the Wings-World Premier, Ken Laudermilch-tpt (Robert Maggio), Prince Charming March (J.P.Sousa), Highlights from “Wicked”(arr. Tom Shade) Sinfonia Voici, (David Holsinger)Disc Two-Rise of the Firebird (Steve Reineke), The March King (Leonard B. Smith , Four Scottish Dances (Malcolm Arnold, arr. John Paynter ), Ye Banks & Braes O’Bonnie Doon (Percy Grainger ),Concerto in G Major- featuring Amy Dawe – winner of the 2006 Ringgold Band Young Artist Award (Johann Quantz, arr. Tom Shade), The Gallant Seventh (J.P. Sousa), Beyond the Sea (arr. Tom Shade) with Debbie Greenawald, vocalist ,25 Years of Broadway (James Christensen), The Stars and Stripes Forever (J.P. Sousa)

155th Anniversary Spring Concert CD  (4/06) Elliot Del Borgo, guest conductor, Michael McClosky, Alto Sax soloist $15.00

158th Anniversary Spring Concert CD (4/05)*NEW  $18.00

2001 Fall Dinner Concert CD                          Vocal music of Debbie Greenwald $10.00

Ringgold Band Tribute CDAll selections were composed to honor a special event or person $15.00

Ringgold Plays Von Suppe & Other Classics-    CD SPECIAL CLEARANCE $8.00

An Althouse Tour of Berks County-  CD     SPECIAL CLEARANCE

Ringgold Plays Von Suppe & Other Classics SPECIAL CLEARANCE  CASSETTE $5.00

An Althouse Tour of Berks County-       SPECIAL CLEARANCE  CASSETTE $5.00

140th Anniversary Spring Concert Cassette 1992 SPECIAL CLEARANCE  CASSETTE $5.00


162nd Spring Anniversary Concert  CD $15 Dave Stahl


162nd Spring Anniversary Concert  DVD $15 Dave Stahl


2013 Fall Dinner Concert DVD $15 Music of Andrew Sisters


161st Spring Anniversary Concert CD $15 Dave Kline


161st Spring Anniversary Concert DVD $15 Dave Kline


160th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $15 Berks Classical Children’s Chorus


159th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $15 Martin Family


158th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Carol Jantsch


157th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Foley/Spiros/Louder


155th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Elliot del Borgo


154th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Loras Schissel


153rd Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Christopher Weait

150th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Carlton Rowe


149th Spring Anniversary Concert CD $10 Loras Schissel


143rd Spring Anniversary Concert 2 Cassettes $5 Keith Brion


2001 Fall Dinner Concert CD $10 Debbie Greenawald A Ringgold Tribute CD $10


Monroe Althouse CD $5


Von Suppe CD $5


Ringgold MUG $5





Beau-Monde $10.00

High School Forever $10.00

Rajah’s Sunshine $10.00

Oriental Commandery $10.00

Bedouin’s Retreat $10.00

Hugh De Payen’s Commandery $10.00

Reading Sesqui-Centennial $10.00

The Baron $10.00

Live Wire $10.00


Always on the Road $15.00

American Legion $15.00

Amor Patriae $15.00

Carry On $15.00

Cosmos $15.00

The Favorite $15.00

Friendship $15.00

Galen Hall $15.00

Holiday $15.00

Hugh DePaynes Commandery $15.00

Imperator $15.00

In Algeria $15.00

International Aviator $15.00

Lulu $15.00

Majestic $15.00

Montezuma $15.00

Nemo $15.00

Old Berks $15.00

175th Anniversary March $15.00

Oneida $15.00

Overland $15.00

Pathfinder $15.00

Premier $15.00

Primrose $15.00


R.H.Company $15.00

Rajah $15.00

Rajah Sunshine $15.00

Regimental $15.00
Romance $15.00

Simplicity $15.00

Tall Cedars $15.00

Third Brigade $15.00

Vacation Days $15.00

V.F.W. $15.00

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